CSS Background Image

Css offers web developers a new way to control the display of the background image in a given layer. With plain HTML, the background image is always tiled both horizontally and vertically in the containing area. The usual trick to avoid the tiling was then to create a background graphic with the same dimensions as the area it’s placed. Continue reading “CSS Background Image”

Single Like Break Text Formatting in WordPress

When editing text using your WordPress visual editor, web site owners are often discover a very the large gap between lines after pressing the Enter on the Keyboard.
That keystroke is interpreted by editor as the end of the previous paragraph and the opening of a new one. Depending on the web browser you are previewing the current page with a gap of 20 to 30 pixels appears between the two lines of text. Of course the stylesheet of your current WordPress theme has probably already set a CSS rule for paragraph margins and padding. That rule will determine the how much spacing there will be between paragraphs. Continue reading “Single Like Break Text Formatting in WordPress”

Learning Ruby Programming Day 1

I just gave myself a challenge to master 2 new programming languages by the end of this year 2010. In a nutshell that’s a holidays season gift to myself and my business: knowledge is power. Anyway I just “cracked open” the PDF tutorial I downloaded online. Yes, I read more e-books these days then their hard copy counterparts. It’s more convenient and instantaneous. Continue reading “Learning Ruby Programming Day 1”

Learning Web Programming Languages

I know it’s almost the end of the year and most people are starting to make plans for their holidays season shopping. Not me. Instead, I am giving myself a challenge to master 2 new programming languages (Ruby and Python) by the end of December. It might seem like a tall order but that’s what any challenge looks like at first until you break down what needs to be done into bite-size chunks. Continue reading “Learning Web Programming Languages”

Domain Name Transfer

The domain name transfer is process of moving a domain name from one registrar to a different one. The registrar is company accredited to register internet domain names. The transfer process can usually take up to a week or so. It involves three parties: the current registrar holding the registration information, the new registrar the transfer will be made to and the domain name owner. Continue reading “Domain Name Transfer”