Mobile Applications

Mobile devices are rapidly overtaking desktops and laptops as the most common way to access the web with roughly 6 billions mobile Internet connections and 2 millions web-enabled devices activated every day worldwide.

Your cannot afford to ignore mobile devices users. A mobile-friendly website helps you retain visitors you would otherwise loose to your competitors who have websites optimized for mobile devices.

We have the expertise to help you leverage web traffic from mobile devices users. You can get a responsive web site or publish a native app for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Responsive Web Design

A website that scales and adapts to different platforms and devices —desktops, tablets, smartphones— is a great option and a future-proof web development strategy.

A responsive web design works best for a fresh design as it factors in the range of screen sizes, orientations, devices capabilities and context of use to create the best web site layout and information architecture.

Achieving that functionality requires careful planning and can be time consuming. However the pay-off is tremendous: you only have one web site to maintain.

Mobile Web Site

A mobile web site might be the best option if your current site doesn’t lend itself to responsive web design. It’s not a stripped-down version of your desktop web site but a leaner mobile-centric user experience design.

A mobile website can emulate the responsiveness and user interaction found in native mobile apps. You are not however subjected to the challenges of publishing to an apps store.

The web application is entirely under your control and can be updated at will. You get a unique web app design that works seamlessly across the mobile ecosystem.

Native Mobile Apps

Your new mobile-targeted application might require a higher performance, user interaction, responsiveness than mobile web app. When you need a faster application with full access to the mobile device’s features, a native app is the answer.

You can build a standalone mobile application that doesn’t require a network connection to access data, provides a unique branding opportunity and a higher user engagement compared to its mobile web app counterpart.