Social Media Integration

Social media offers a new communication channel that can help you broaden your message’s reach in ways a regular website cannot. Blog comments, likes, tweets, shares from your social media participation increase your brand awareness, a chance to go viral and an opportunity to build stronger personal connections with your target audience.

We integrate your web application or email system with leading social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), build a custom design blog that blends seamlessly with your website to help you share you knowledge and show your expertise.


Facebook is the leading social media network with more than 700 millions of active users trying to rekindle old connections, find new friends or to simply share information from the heart.

Since it opened its doors to non-students, Facebook became a platform businesses can use to promote their brands and get direct feedback from their customers.

We’ll help you setup your Facebook account and integrate your website, blog or CRM with this social media platform to help you leverage the traffic from this online powerhouse.


Tweet away some ideas or insights in a succinct and easily digestible format. The twitter social media platform shines by its ease of use and clutter-free information sharing model.

Follow thoughts leaders in your industry, share your expertise through tweets to build a community of followers who can become loyal customers.

We setup and customize your twitter account, create an API integration with your application and get you tweeting your way to success.


A LinkedIn account is a must for any business professional. LinkedIn is recognized as the social media platform to build professional networks, showcase your expertise.

Connect with people in your field of expertise, share your knowledge to showcase your expertise, explore job offers, discover talents or find prospective customers.

We’ll help you setup your LinkedIn account, show you how to improve your profile, promote your business image and build connections.


“Google+ is about adding people to all Google products” in Google own words. In a nutshell, content shared on Google+ can be found across all Google outlets such as Google Search, and Google Analytics.

You are therefore increasing the number of opportunities to reach your target market. You can grow your audience, broadcast your message, share rich media content (photos, videos) to promote your brand and increase user engagement.

Have your G+ account setup today