Web Design

When a visitor lands in your website, it takes just a few seconds to decide whether she reads on or bounce. That snap decision very often comes down to the first impression your prospect gets from your website’s appearance.

A clean and well-thought-out graphic design creates a welcoming atmosphere that entices visitors to stick around and discover your offer. The look-and-feel is one of the most important factor in reducing visitors’ bounce rate. That in turn signals internet search engines about the relevance of your website to the target keywords it ranks for in the search results.

Visual Appeal

It defines the overall layout of your web pages and the information architecture to help visitors quickly find what they are looking for and know where they are at all times.

You must strike a balance between visual appeal and clearly communicating your message without distractions: a nice look-and-feel shines a softer light on your message without overwhelming the senses.

We strive for elegant web site design that radiates your business image without distracting your visitors from the message and main purpose of your website.

User Experience

Once a visitor decides to explore your web site, it’s crucial to deliver a great browsing experience. That means exceeding your prospect’s expectations about how easily she can access pertinent information. Your website must provide the information it promised in a succinct and readable copy, have intuitive navigation and displays on most if not all screen sizes.

Your website’s aesthetic appeal —layout, color scheme, typography— combined with the usability of your site contribute to the overall user experience more. People surf the web mostly to look for information; so make it easy for them to find it in your website.

Search Engine Optimization

A visually pleasing website and your well crafted message should work together. And search engine optimization (SEO) is about fine-tuning that message to match the language of your target audience. When you use the words and expressions specific to your niche market, your message resonate much more with those prospects.

We make sure your message is tailored to your target audience to increase your site visibility by search engines, reduce your bounce rate to increase your overall website conversion.

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